• encroaching:渐渐渗入的
  • repressive:压抑的;专制的
  • subsuming:把...归入
  • escalated:升级 ...as the pro-democracy protests have escalated.
  • brutally:残忍的
  • staunch:坚定的 a staunch supporter of the monarchy
  • ambivalent:矛盾的 he has sounded ambivalent about that thing.
  • conspicuously:明显地 These adjectives refer to what is conspicuously bad or offensive.
  • squelch:制止;压制 squelch a rumour
  • constitute:组成;成立,设立 He has taken no position on recent mass protests in the streets of Moscow,which have constituted the most open challenge in years to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.
  • tread:行走 Mr. Trump’s defenders say he has good reason to tread carefully.
  • instigate:煽动
  • covert:隐秘的
  • conspiracy:阴谋

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