• renounce:宣布放弃 ~ a claim
  • earthly:尘世的 / secular:世俗的 mundane:平凡的
  • feverishly:狂热的 Rodin could be feverishly obsessed, oblivious to all around him.
  • abide:遵循 He abided by his own code, and no one else’s standards could measure him.
  • misspent:虚度 ~ one's life
  • intimate:亲密的 Both men lived most of their lives without intimate care.
  • monomaniacal:偏执狂的
  • mediocrity:庸才 mediocre:平庸的 People who specialize in one thing succeed early, but then they slide back to mediocrity as their minds rigidify.
  • hermatically:封闭的
  • dual:双重的
  • evade:逃避 逃避责任:~ the responsibility / dodge the column / shirk the duty
  • bulk up:形成大数目
  • intensifies:强化 Apple has homed in on Vietnam and India as it intensifies its search for ways to diversify its supply chain.
  • colossus:巨大的东西
  • contends:主张 I would contend that the minister's thinking is flawed on this point.
  • inflict:遭受 ~ damage
  • inconclusive:不确定的,无结果的 con·clu·sive:决定性的
  • unleash:~ the full power
  • counterpart:副本
  • on the part of:由...所做出的
  • outlast:比...长久
  • amass:积累 ~ more power
  • erode his authority:削减他的权威
  • take a hit:遭受打击
  • exhorted:劝告 They had been exhorted to take actions.
  • patriotic:爱国的
  • drain:流干


  • It has been the object of intense fascination in East Asia especially since March 2016 when its AlphaGo software project beat Lee Sedol, a champion of the ancient strategic board game of Go.
  • Such feats notwithstanding, DeepMind, having now gone on three times longer than the original Manhattan Project, is not clearly any closer to its core goal of creating an “artificial general intelligence” that rivals or replaces humanity. But it is finally becoming clear that, as with nuclear fission before it, the first users of the machine learning tools being created today will be generals rather than board game strategists.
  • ...where we are already living amid the equivalent of a multinational shooting war.
  • He is adopting a hard-line stance, in what is turning into a long-lasting duel between two economic superpowers.
  • China’s official news media continued to strike a strident tone, taking a broad swipe at the United States.

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